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Plumfield Academy is a private school for positive and creative students in grades 1 through 8 in Danvers MA. We offer an inspiring and confidence building education based on the educational methodology and Christian principles of Charlotte Mason. Discover “The Gentle Art of Learning.”

A Charlotte Mason School practicing The Gentle Art of Learning

“That they might have life to the full”


We believe every child is a beautiful person,
competent and capable of doing extraordinary things.


Remember the days of sitting behind a desk, seemingly endless worksheets to be completed – uninterested, uninspired, disconnected from the real world of family, friends, play, life?


Imagine . . .

A Place . . .

. . . where children are free to discover how they are smart, capable, intelligent, and competent.

A Class . . .

. . . where children engage with the greatest authors, thinkers, scientists, and ideas of civilization.

A School . . .

. . . where children develop habits of attention, concentration, reflection, and self -expression.

An Atmosphere . . .

. . . where children are able to be themselves and grow to be confident and secure in themselves.



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My son’s self confidence and academic motivation are soaring, along with his capacity to empathize with other people – all this in the context of an inspiring curriculum, steeped in our rich literary and historical heritage.  Cyndi W., Plumfield parent



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