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Evaluation is an ongoing process of the student sharing what he or she has discovered and knows. Students give immediate feedback about what they have read or heard in their daily narrations. Their knowledge is demonstrated every day through some of the following methods:

  • Written narrations in all subjects
  • Creative writing
  • Journals
  • Literature reflection papers
  • Math workbook – tests
  • Newsletter articles
  • Science log- includes thesis, observations, and findings
  • Discussions (Socratic Method)
  • Portfolio – quarterly samples of learners work
  • Presentations (Writer’s Tea and Science Reports)
  • End of term Written (or dictated) Exams
  • Parent and tutor assessment of learner’s performance
  • Standardized tests (optional)
  • Stanford Achievement test
  • End of the Year Portfolio highlighting the student’s work in each area of study.
  • Formal evaluation (report card) is sent home twice a year.