"We believe every child is a beautiful person,
competent and capable - a unique gift in this world."

Founded in 1993, Plumfield Academy, situated in a wooded setting in Danvers, Massachusetts, offers an intimate learning environment for positive and creative students in grades one through eight.

Plumfield is a family-like small school dedicated to providing today’s children a sane, balanced life of vigorous intellectual study combined with child-driven free play and exploration in nature.

While sustaining small-teacher-to-student ratios (1:8), Plumfield Academy presents a unique and highly successful curriculum incorporating character development, Great Books, personal narrative, technologies, the performing arts, and nature study.

Practicing the philosophy and methodology of Charlotte Mason and inspired by Gospel principles, our motto is:

“Education For the Children’s Sake.”

A brief history of Plumfield Academy

Plumfield Home Learning Cooperative was founded in 1993 by a group of parent educators who desired a daily group experience for their children based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason. A teacher coordinator was hired to oversee the program which included seven children from three communities who participated daily, with six others attending on a part time basis. Ages ranged from seven through fourteen years old. This cooperative was such a success that the group desired to formalize its relationship further by becoming a private independent school.

In 1996, they incorporated as Plumfield School, Inc. and received approval of their curriculum from the Beverly School Committee. The school thrived in Beverly as graduates enrolled in schools such as Bishop Fenwick and Malden Catholic High Schools, Andover High School, St. John’s Prep, Beverly High School, Essex Agricultural Institute, and Nazareth Academy.

In July, 2003 the Board of Trustees decided, due to a change in tutors, to return the school to Lynn and change the name to Plumfield Academy, Inc. As a result of an increased enrollment, the Board of Trustees voted to relocate to Danvers in the fall of 2006. In 2018, Plumfield Academy celebrated its twenty five year anniversary. In 2020, Plumfield expanded its learning space with a new addition.