That children and families might have “life to the full.”

In partnership with the family, Plumfield Academy exists to provide:

FIRST, an atmosphere where children thrive academically and relationally;

SECOND, high quality academics in a peaceful, low pressure environment for the peace and well-being of the child and the family;

THIRD, guidance in the formation of good habits so our children may author for themselves a full life of wide interests and healthy relationships, both now and into the future.

Practicing the Philosophy and Methodology of Charlotte Mason and inspired by Gospel Principles, our motto is:

“Education – For the Children’s Sake.

Education at Plumfield is a life inspired by the ideals of the Sermon of the Mount:

• A life marked by kindness in word and deed,
• A life of personal responsibility,
• A life of direct and honest speech,
• A life of open-handed generosity,
• A life which values silence and personal reflection,

• A life empowered by a sincere and direct relationship with God,
• A life of forgiveness towards self and others,
• A life of growing freedom from worry, guilt, and resentment,
• A life that learns wisdom from all creation,
• A life which is not judgmental, but seeks to understand,

• A life of honest self-observation,
• A life of service to the poor and anyone in need,
• A life which shows respect for all persons, including those who disagree with us,
• A life which sees full maturity (the highest degree of love) as the capacity not to return insult for insult, injury for injury, but rather, to remain in a stance of mercy and forgiveness, in other words, to love as God loves.

This is the kind of life we seek to cultivate. It is as Jesus says: “abundant life” or “life to the full.”

This way of life is not necessarily an easy path, but we have found it to be a road that leads to wisdom and interior peace, strengthening us (both adults and children) to weather the difficulties and stresses of life.

“Plumfield is a place of peace.”

People who see themselves as spiritual, but not religious, experience Plumfield as a place of welcome and respect.

People who have been turned off by or hurt by negative church experiences have also found a home at Plumfield.

Finally, because our scriptural reflection focuses on the above Gospel principles (drawn from the Sermon on the Mount), people from various Christian denominations have felt comfortable being at Plumfield. Areas of denominational differences are left to the parents to discuss with their children.