John Pension - Plumfield Academy

John Pension

Administration, Parent, Teacher and Student Support

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from U. Mass, Amherst, a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College, and a Master of Education degree in School Administration from Emmanuel College. John has over forty years teaching experience and extensive experience in youth leadership development, supervision, service learning, and peer education.

“What I enjoy most is watching young people interact with others and then, through thoughtful reflection, come to know who they really want to be.  Charlotte Mason philosophy and method provides an atmosphere conducive to this discovery. The personal relationships developed with the authors and characters in ‘living books’ offer opportunities to experience life with its many challenges and blessings.  These interactions, with their underlying dynamics (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, values), plant seeds for a life of vice or virtue. As our young people engage with the stories and ideas, their interpersonal relationships and play take on the conduct of their favorite characters. As a result, their true self begins to take shape.”

Nina Pension - Plumfield Academy

Nina Pension

Parent and Teacher Support

Nina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Providence College. She has taught Sacred Scripture to adults since 1977 and in 1993 co-founded Plumfield Learning Cooperative.

Since 2000, she has taught history, Scripture, Latin, music and art appreciation to middle school students. “My great passion,” she says, ”is to see students come alive to the power of historical narrative through living books which stir the heart and ignite the imagination.  As a Charlotte Mason teacher, my goal is to foster that unique human connection between the child and the historical figure (artist, composer) which makes learning both personal and engaging.  My greatest joy at Plumfield comes in witnessing those occasions in which the characters studied in class spill over into the children’s play time, as in:   “Let’s play Theseus at Minos’s castle.”

Mary Yetts - Plumfield Academy

Mary Yetts

Primary Grades

Mary holds an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from North Shore Community College.  She taught at Gordon Conwell Seminary Nursery School. Mrs. Yetts earned her certification in Nursing Assistance from North Shore Community College.  She is certified in the Wilson Reading Program.  Mrs. Yetts home schooled their three children utilizing the methodology of Charlotte Mason.

Briana Deloury - Plumfield Academy

Brianna Deloury

Middle Grades

Brianna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Psychology from Westfield State University, Westfield, MA.  She graduated in 2019 and has been learning and teaching alongside a variety of ages ever since.


Brianna attended Plumfield Academy when she was in middle school and has the great joy of returning years later to this wonderful community. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with family and friends and running.

Elizabeth Cook

Older Grades

Beth is a graduate of Gordon College. Since graduation, she has worked in various elementary, high school, and collegiate settings. When homeschooling her own children she discovered the Charlotte Mason method which ultimately led her family to Plumfield.

In her free time, she enjoys being outside in her garden, the woods, the beach, crafting, and baking bread.
Steve Kercher - Plumfield Academy

Steve Kercher


Steve Kercher is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.  Steve has been teaching guitar, bass, piano, voice and percussion to private music students since 1995. For years Steve has been involved with producing and promoting recordings and concert events from small, intimate coffee houses to large music events that have included GrammyAward® winning and/or platinum selling artists. He has been a guest lecturer on the subjects of Music Business, Music Production, Entertainment Marketing & Public Relations, and Career Development at the University of Massachusetts, Berklee College of Music, and The New England Institute of Art and communications where he also developed music industry courses.

Katie Clarke - Plumfield Academy

Katie Clarke-Robertson


Katie Clarke-Robertson is a graduate of Endicott College where she earned her BA in English with a concentration in Theater. She holds a Masters Degree in Theater Education from Emerson College. Katie is also the Coordinator of Theater Arts at Endicott College, as well as, the Artistic Director of Stage 284 at The Community House in Hamilton, MA.

Katie uses mindfulness and social emotional approaches to teaching theater. She is a certified children’s yoga teacher as well. In her spare time, she writes musicals, designs costumes, and plays with her dogs, Nova and Bailey.  She has been part of the Plumfield Community since 2015 and has loved every second of it!

Courtney Reid - Plumfield Academy

Courtney Reid


Courtney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Gordon College.  She has broadened her expertise by completing continuing education courses at Westmont College, Gordon College, and Montserrat College of Art.  Ms. Reid has taught Art in school and community settings since 1996.


As an artist and musician herself, Courtney is passionate about the creative process and all things that make up the art of creating. She loves helping and inspiring young people to find their creative voice and become creators themselves. Courtney draws from 20 years of art teaching experience. Teaching fine arts based curriculum in several different environments from private school, to homeschool and after school art facilities. She has been at Plumfield for the past 14 years and loves how the naturally creative Charlotte Mason environment lends itself effortlessly to the art of creating.

Anne Bajema

Upper and Middle Grades Writing Workshop and Younger Student Reading Specialist

Anne holds a B.A. English, minor in Literacy Education from Gordon College, Wenham, MA, Elementary Teaching Credentials from Salem State University, and a Masters in Education – Reading Education from the University of NH.

“I relish the opportunity to teach in a Charlotte Mason environment, where narration gives young writers a strong voice, and where reading the great feast together gives us exciting and inspiring ideas to discuss.”