Student Testimony

Plumfield is where I found my voice to express my thoughts freely and confidently.
– Micaela, Dean College Sophomore

The Charlotte Mason method introduced me to great works of literature . . . through the process of writing narrations, I learned to be a great reader and built my confidence as a student.
– Matt, Boston College sophomore

Small classes give students a chance to interact with their classmates and teachers.  Everyone can have a say in discussions and it’s easier to focus on the lesson. 
– Trey, 14

Everyone has points to make, facts to tell, and questions to ask . . . if you are having a hard time, someone will help you.  It’s inspiring to know that everyone cares about your education and wants to make it better.
– Gunnar, 13

At Plumfield, students have time outside.  We go sledding in the winter; in nice weather, we build forts.  Because we have time outdoors, we’re not bored and are able to focus when it is time to study.
– Quinn, 13

Plumfield is a hardworking place.  We build projects for science, create displays for the Topsfield Fair, and build machines as a challenge to learn about physics.
– Alec, 14

When I first came to Plumfield, my least favorite subject was math. I was not good at it at all. I felt as though I was the only one who didn’t understand, but then I saw that other people also struggled with some parts of math. With practice, I am now at high speed in my math. 
– Aria, 10

After we read a chapter, we usually write a narration. By writing it out on paper in our own words, we remember it and get a better understanding than if we only read it. Because I work for the satisfaction of success and learning, I do as much as I can.
– Abbie, 12

Here at Plumfield, we study famous people.  We read books written by them or about them.  These famous people become our teachers.  We write narrations about their lives.  In a way, we write our own books about the books we are reading. 
– Mary, 11

At Plumfield, we strive to become better people. We learn to work with others, do independent studies, and enjoy learning about many interesting things. Plumfield is a place where we help each other. Plumfield has had a positive affect on my life in more ways than just academics. This is an environment where you can be yourself, free from peer pressure, and where you have fun while you learn. 
– Abigail, 12

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pension,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year at Plumfield.  I learned so much and had a lot of fun.  When I had to leave early or miss a day of school, I wished I was at Plumfield.

This year I have really come out of my shell.  You helped me to become a much better person over the course of this year. You have helped me to develop new skills and values that have helped me to prevent and solve problems, get along better with my friends and family, and to be an all around better person.  My life at home has been so much easier since I started going to Plumfield.  I have learned skills that will help me all of my life.  If I had not come to Plumfield, I would be a very different person: quick tempered and insecure.  Plumfield has given me the opportunity to open up and feel safe about doing so. I think every school should be like Plumfield because no one gets bullied and we can express ourselves without being made fun of.  Also, I love the fact that I can always ask for your help, and you always give it to me.

This has been a great year for me, and I have made a lot of progress.  I look forward to coming back for another one next year.
Thanks again,  
– Matt, 13

In science, you’re not just in a classroom listening to a teacher read; you are actually experimenting yourself to test whether or not your theory is correct.

In history, we learn in detail what the people we are studying were doing at the time. We also learn about the great wars and battles of the past.

During skills hour, we practice academic skills such as typing, handwriting, math facts, editing, and spelling.  We also work on science projects.  
– Chris, 12

At Plumfield, we get to work at our own pace. The teachers are really nice. They don’t rush you to finish; they just want you to do your best.  
– Mark, 10